Alongside the recently announced sequel, CyberConnect2 also revealed that a demo is now available for the first entry. The demo will allow you to play until chapter 3, and then you can carry your save data to the full game if you choose to buy it, which has a 30% discount right now.

Download the demo here.

About the game:

“We have to fight! If we don’t, everyone we love will be taken away!”

One fateful night, a peaceful village is thrown into the flames of war. Determined to save their families, a group of children boards a giant tank and begins an offensive charge!

Fuga: Melodies of Steel is an RPG where you place children, each with their own unique characteristics and skills, at different gun turrets in a tank to fight against the enemy.

Living inside the tank, the children show emotion and gain affinity amongst each other. Manage these both to change the outcome of their journey!

-A mysterious ancient weapon: The Taranis Taranis, the giant tank sheltering the children, conceals many mysteries and somehow seems to have its own will. In situations of crisis, it can release a forbidden weapon, the dreadful Soul Cannon.

-Your adventure. Your choices. Will you make sacrifices for victory? Or will you seek another path? In this RPG, many choices have to be made in order to progress… but taking the safest road may not always be the best option. Faced with a desperate situation, what course of action will you choose?

-Fuga: Melodies of Steel - Deluxe Edition The Deluxe Edition features a digital art book, a mini-soundtrack, and other bonuses that can be used in-game.

Content: ・Fuga: Melodies of Steel - Full Game ・Fuga: Melodies of Steel - Digital Art Book (80 pages) ・Fuga: Melodies of Steel - Digital Soundtrack (15 tracks) ・Fuga: Melodies of Steel - In-Game Bonuses: ①Swimwear costumes for all characters (can be used during intermission and expedition) ②Dummy Soul for the Soul Cannon (can use the Soul Cannon 1 time without sacrificing a character) ③Set of items

*You may download your copy of the Fuga: Melodies of Steel - Digital Art Book & Digital Soundtrack by accessing the download page from the official website (

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