Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival is coming to the Switch on Sept. 22nd, 2022, and it’s bringing a bunch of different modes with it. Bandai Namco has just broken down the various gameplay options you’ll have at your disposal, and you can get the full details below.

Story mode

  • set in Omiko City
  • join Taiko mascot Don-chan ahead of a planned fireworks display
  • while attempting to drum away some inclement weather, the pair encounter a new friend, Kumo-kyun
  • start on your journey to bring rhythm and joy to Omiko City, while aiming to become a Taiko Master

Online and local multiplayer

  • up to two players are supported for the core Taiko Mode and the game’s second mode, “Great Drum Toy War”

Great Drum Toy War

  • competitive mode where you create a deck of favorite toys
  • drumming well during the stage spawns toys from the deck that battle against opponents
  • toys and skills can cause various effects to interfere with an opponent’s play.
  • new toys can be unlocked in the in-game store

**“Don-chan Band” **

  • 4-player party mode
  • Don-chan Band challenges players to play in sync, with each taking control of a different instrument
  • 20 songs available

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