Blanc is an upcoming Switch title that follows a fox and deer on a journey through a Winter landscape. The game uses an absolutely gorgeous black-and-white look to help tell the story, and sound design will help enhance both the overall tale, as well as the emotion of the game.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, studio Casus Ludi talked about the work that has gone into sound design on Blanc. Turns out some odd items have been used to capture sound effects, and the process of recording some elements has been quite dangerous!

What I can tell is that Pierre-Marie [Blind, sound designer and foley artist] often talks about using unlikely props in his studio, like cooked coconut meat and ground coffee for the fawn’s steps, to produce specific noises. He also took risks into the wild to record nature’s sounds, including a time where he almost fell with all his equipment into a frozen lake!

[Casus Ludi ]

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