Demon Turf demake released for the DS

Yet another impressive demake

18 July 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

You could hop on the Switch right now and download Demon Turf, and you definitely should! It’s a fantastic 3D platformer with a ton of style, and it’s well worth your time. If you’re already a fan of Demon Turf, you might be interested to know there’s a new way to play the game as of today, and it involves dusting off your DS.

Fabraz, the developer behind Demon Turf, has announced that a Demon Turf demake has been released for the Nintendo DS. The demake is certainly impressive all-around, and you can get a quick look at it in action via the tweet below.

This might not be an official demake, but it’s one approved by the game’s developer, so it’s definitely worth your time! If you want to give the game a go, you can access the Demon Turf demake through the official Demon Turf Discord.

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