Publisher Accelerate Games previously announced that they’re bringing Toy Soldiers HD to the Switch on Aug. 5th, 2022. The game will be priced at $30 and takes up 3.6 GB of space. Today, Accelerate Games released a new 5-minute gameplay preview for Toy Soldiers HD, and you can see the game in action above.

It’s time to deploy your machine guns, artillery, mortars, flamethrowers and more. The first wave of enemy toys are closing fast and bringing down a rain of bullets. Protect your tox box at all costs and watch out for those toy Robots, they are killers!

Toy Soldiers HD is a neo-classic mash-up of tower defense, FPS action, and 3rd-person top-down strategy. The digital embodiment of childhood imaginary battles with your best friend in your bedroom, the game offers single player fun and multiplayer goodness armed with army miniatures, classic sci-fi robots and spaceships, and more toys from our old school toy boxes.

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