Major update available for Final Vendetta

Big changes for a better experience

18 July 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Final Vendetta hasn’t been out on Switch for too long, but a major update has already gone live. This includes a number of tweaks and features players have been asking for, and you can see the complete breakdown of what’s been adjusted in the patch notes below.

New “CASUAL” difficulty setting, allowing you to continue at will as well as featuring less aggressive enemy AI. We recommend this mode for newcomers to the genre or those of you wanting a more relaxed playthrough, as essentially you’ll be able to spam credits until you beat the game.

Once you’ve mastered this mode, we recommend jumping up to “Easy” which has also seen some refinements. Easy mode now features more starting lives as well as featuring a slight rebalance of enemy aggressiveness.

Stage hazards such as barrels and falling chandeliers, have also been removed, and are now exclusive to Hard and Ultra difficulties.

Across these different game modes, extra lives are now awarded at one million, two million and three million points… But not on Ultra difficulty! We want to keep this mode as challenging as we can for the beat ‘em up purists out there!

Gameplay Changes

New actions have been assigned to the triggers and bumpers on modern controllers – left trigger is dash / dodge, right trigger is block, left bumper is back attack / heavy attack and right bumper is your alt-special attack.

We’ve found these to be much better control solutions that allow you to better make use of some of Final Vendetta’s unique gameplay features! As many players simply weren’t using them before.

You also told us that weapons felt useless, so we’ve removed several of the player weapon animation wind-up animation frames for snappier attacks, as well as adding a few new weapon locations. Weapons also now have a 50% chance to not de-spawn when dropped.

When an enemy drops you, players can now instantly recover by hitting “jump” just as they hit the ground after being knocked down.

Level rankings are now more lenient – you can get knocked down twice as many times, and a best chain of 200 or more will increase your rank by one.

We’ve improved Claire’s ability to perform juggle combos and we think the result is a character that is much more fun to play as.

We’ve refined training mode, it’s unlocked from the start and you can now face any of the enemies / bosses that appear on, up to and including the highest level you’ve reached. We’ve also added the option to turn on enemy hitboxes if you’re looking to practice more advanced maneuvers.

Stage Select was previously part of our cheat codes, we’ve moved it to the options menu and it no longer prevents you from unlocking achievements.

Enemy AI and other critical fixes

The Gentleman’s grab loop is fixed – he should now only grab if you’re constantly blocking, he can no longer stun lock you into oblivion.

Stun locks, are now massively reduced – groups of enemies will now knock you to the floor instead of stunning you repeatedly or juggling you, giving you to time to dash out of the recover animations or use your super. Enemies can no longer hit you during the knock-down state and they must be closer vertically to hit you.


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