Late last week, Nintendo and LEGO announced that they were bringing a massive LEGO Bowser to San Diego Comic-Con. They teased that the giant LEGO Bowser would stand over 14 feet tall, and was built using over 660k LEGO! At that time, Nintendo shared the details, but didn’t provide a peek at the creation. That changes today with a new tweet showing giant LEGO Bowser in action.

As you can see, Nintendo and LEGO went all-out on this giant LEGO Bowser. This thing is an absolute beast, complete with motorized movements and a Bowser roar sound effect! It’s quite the massive undertaking, and will no doubt be a sight to see in person.

If you want to get a picture with this huge LEGO Bowser, you can do so at when Comic-Con kicks off on July 21st, 2022.

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2y ago

That is pretty awesome!!