PQube (London, UK) - March 17th, 2022 - PQube and developer Inti Creates are excited to reveal that cult classic rail shooter ‘Gal*Gun Double Peace’ is out now on Nintendo Switch!

  • A Tale as Old as Time - A remix on the typical Bishōjo love story, help Houdai meet the love of his life, or doom him to an endless void of heartbreak </3
  • Make your heart go doki doki - ‘Double Peace’ is the best-loved in the notoriously lewd and outrageously cute rail-shooter series
  • I’m Watching for the Plot… - A brand new opening movie featuring your favourite cast of characters!
  • Available as both a Physical & Digital release!
  • Take on hordes of girls vying for your affection as you attempt to find your one true love
  • Multiple endings and paths, depending on your choices
  • Originally released in 2016, beloved cult classic ‘GalGun Double Peace’ joins the rest of the ‘GalGun’ series on Nintendo Switch for the first time!
  • The ‘Horny Trinity Edition’ is available from Funstock!
  • The new Switch version includes most of the DLC straight out of the box, with lots of costumes from cute to downright weird!

Celebrate six years of high school hijinks with this brand-new opening cinematic exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. Newcomers and Gal*Gun veterans alike can enjoy this teaser of what’s to come, showcasing each of Double Peace’s kawaii cast of characters.

The new opening cinematic featuring the theme song “Love! Shoooot!” with vocals by Shinobu Kamizono (VA - Emi Uema) and Maya Kamizono (VA - Chinami Hashimoto).

A Multitude Of Game Modes!

  • Story Mode: Can you fend off all the girls advances and successfully confess your feelings to the girl of your dreams?
  • Score Attack: Achieve the highest scores on each level!
  • Doki Doki Mode: Break out the big guns and turn the girls’ happiness up to 11! Aim for the coveted ‘Double Peace’ result!
  • Collection: Take a look at your achievements, image gallery and information on all the lovely ladies at the Academy!
  • Closet: Change the girls outfits as you desire, with lots of different options available, including 450 different underwear designs (yes, really)
  • Tons of Included DLC - From maid outfits to robot costumes, dress up the academy girls in a wide variety of uniforms, accessories and items. All included in the Nintendo Switch version!

‘Horny Trinity Edition’ Available Now!

In celebration of this iconic release, the ‘Horny Trinity Edition’ is available from our friends at Funstock! This edition of ‘Gal*Gun Double Peace’ includes:

  • A 3-in-1 slip case with original artwork, holding all 3 Nintendo Switch games in the series
  • 2 Plushies featuring the iconic Devil ‘Kurona’ and our favourite Angel ‘Ekoro’
  • The ‘DIY Tentacle Kit’ stockings
  • A 17cm acrylic standee featuring limited edition artwork of some of our favourite characters across all 3 ‘Gal*Gun’ games!
  • Ultimate Edition also available, including all 3 ‘Gal*Gun’ games on Nintendo Switch!

Pre-Order Now

‘Gal*Gun: Double Peace’ Is Out Now on Nintendo Switch!


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