Developer Motion Twin is always working on something new for Dead Cells. They’ve released a ton of updates big and small for the game over the last few years, and it appears they have no plans to stop. Just today, the team revealed a roadmap of things to come, and their plans will take players well into 2023.

Motion Twin heard some concerns that Dead Cells would be ending its DLC/update run in the near future, and they set out to assuage those fears. While the team says there may be some fluctuation in release dates, they feel confident in what’s shared in the infographic above. If you want an even quicker look at things to come, you can see the official notes below.

  • adding panchaku
  • new flame head outfit
  • a ton of rebalancing on weapons & items
  • reworking the legendaries system to make it more intuitive & interesting
  • Soul Knight weapon & outfit
  • you’ll be able to pet the pets
  • Boss Rush area with multiple modes
  • an under wraps update coming before Christmas

Finally, Motion Twin has said that 2023 will be Dead Cells’ biggest year since the 1.0 launch, so expect some exciting stuff next year!

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