Nintendo has announced that the first free content update for Mario Strikers: Battle League will drop on July 21st, 2022 at 6pm PT, adding in fan-favorites Daisy and Shy Guy to the character roster. A new stadium, Desert Ruin, will also be added on the same date.

It’s been confirmed that two more free updates, including stadiums, gear, and characters, will be released before the end of 2022.


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2y ago

Why can't they release these games when they're fully complete? The cynic in me says, releasing the games half-baked means they can use a smaller cartridge size. And that years down the line, when the Switch eShop packs up, remember the Wii U and 3DS are only around a decade old, and they're going bye-bye soon. Come August you won't be able to add any more funds. Anyway, my point is, unless you keep your Switch with all the downloadable content in working order, you likely won't have full access to the games. I think it's a long-term strategy with Nintendo and other companies, so they can sell the complete edition to consumers again at a later date. Though they might only be rentals in future, similar to NSO and its old catalogue of games now.

This practice is beginning to bug me too... not just because we're getting half-baked games at launch, but I'm a collector, and like you mentioned, these games will be forever half-baked in our collections if we can't update them a decade from now.

I suspect Nintendo uses it as a way to decide the scope of a game after it has come out. Arms gets a lukewarm response? Give players a couple more characters and call it quits. Splatoon becomes a surprise hit? Keep churning out content until players feel satisfied with their purchase.

I wish all of Nintendo's games were coming out as fun and content-rich as games like Breath of the Wild or Mario Odyssey. I know that's a lot to ask for, but is it so much to ask for the sports games to try a little harder?


2y ago

Oh wow, that’s a sad-looking roadmap. I still haven’t bought the game cause I don’t think it has enough content to justify its price. A super vague roadmap like this doesn’t do much convincing.

Yeah I think they would benefit from telling us about all the planned content instead of this reveal nonsense. Also they need to give us more options with online, I expected future Nintendo games would have the bare minimum in terms of Online after they revealed how their voice chat would work but holy crap I need to see that there's hope the next console will be different otherwise I'm gonna start becoming pessimistic.