PlatinumGames has been close with Nintendo for many years, developing Nintendo Switch exclusives such as Astral Chain and Bayonetta 3. It seems that their relationship is about to grow even closer, at least by association, as PlatinumGames has announced that they’ll be appointing Takao Yamane as their new vice president and chief business officer. According to a tweet from the company, this hiring will create a “new era” for PlatinumGames, “significantly” changing its future outlook. More details will be shared this week.

While you might not have heard the name, Takao Yamane is one of the former higher-ups of multiple Nintendo divisions. In the past, he’s held the positions of general licensing manager for Nintendo in Kyoto, the managing director of sales planning and strategy for Nintendo of Europe, and vice president of Nintendo of France.

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2y ago

I want to know why he left Nintendo or if Nintendo is hiring him to work at Platinum so that Platinum will develop a close affiliation just like Intelligent Systems...


2y ago

I've never heard of him before now. Hopefully it goes well for Platinum Games and future Nintendo collaborations.


2y ago


It's more likely that Mr. Yamane would have interest to strongly influence a smaller company rather than be slightly influential in a larger one. I'm sure he left on good terms with Nintendo which will only strengthen Platinum's relationship with the big N.