The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe is going to be updated to Ver. 1.0.7 sometime in the near future, and this update includes a host of changes, tweaks, and more. While we wait for a release date confirmation, you can get the full patch notes for Version 1.0.7 below.

New Accessibility Options

  • On screen reticule
  • Auto-walk option simplified to one key/button and keybindable
  • Reduced Motion Mode
  • Low Dexterity Mode
  • Translations for: Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Ukrainian


  • Added a method to access endings that were previously only accessible once per save
  • Additional/Alternate Use button keybinding
  • Keybindings can now bind to mouse buttons
  • Remapped camera sensitivity slider to cover a higher range of sensitivities
  • Extras and surprises

Cosmetic updates

  • Fixed some z-fighting issues
  • Fixed lighting on some smaller props and decals.
  • Fixed formatting issues in Italian text in the confusion ending
  • Added additional translators and artists in credits
  • Updated post effects for some hard-to-see areas to be brighter
  • Added toggle for permanent reticule / crosshair and customization options

Critical Fixes

  • Softlock at start of game (language selection screen) when a controller with drift is plugged in, is now fixed
  • Softlocks occurring when pausing and unpausing fixed

Other Fixes

  • Certain endings now have proper simplified control support whereas previously they did not
  • Fixed certain texts in game to render Cyrillic characters correctly
  • Content warnings not recording the ending as successfully completed now does so
  • Certain UI elements no longer renders over the settings page
  • Reinstated missing UI sounds
  • More stable world portals
  • Various clipping issues fixed

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