Just last week, we shared a story about Mini Subway: Logic on the Metro Line, a Switch game that seemed to pilfer pretty much everything from the award-winning Mini Metro. Dinosaur Polo Club, the team behind Mini Metro said they’d be looking into the situation, and today they’ve shared an update on the matter.

We’ve received a statement from Dinosaur Polo Club about the matter, and you can read it in full below.

As a small indie studio, we recognize that our own successes are, in part, due to standing on the shoulders of giants, and that part of the creative process involves taking inspiration from others and making it your own. Seeing people take inspiration from our games has been an amazing experience, but of course, there’s a difference between inspiration and plagiarism.

We owe it to our team to defend the work we’ve invested so much into, so we evaluate every report of copycat or clone versions of our games to assess whether they breach our trademark. While we always try to reach out to the developers first, if required, we will take legal action.

It’s a joy to see our games inspire others to make their own. We are nothing if not sympathetic to the hard work of fellow indie devs, but the work should be inspired by, not copied from.

[Dinosaur Polo Club, Mini Metro devs]

What about the other side of the situation? As far as we know, the developers behind the supposed knock-off, Mini Subway, are yet to comment on the matter.

[PR email]

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2y ago

Yeah, I'm pretty lenient when it comes to game rip offs...but this is just SO obviously a direct copy...

Glad the developers aren't just letting it go unchallenged.

Yup, even the copycat contains both “mini” and “metro” in the title.