UPDATE: The Steam database listing for Sonic Frontiers has been updated once again. The November 8th release date has been removed, and now the info shows a December 3rd, 2022 release date. Again, none of this is official, and the final word comes from SEGA.

You can see our original post on the topic below.

SEGA has told us numerous times that Sonic Frontiers is coming out later this year, but fans are eager to know exactly when Sonic’s next adventure will drop. While SEGA still hasn’t shared a specific date, we might have our answer thanks to a Steam database update.

The Steam info for Sonic Frontiers was updated earlier today, and a change was made on the backend. Previously, Steam’s database had Sonic Frontiers listed for a September 1st, 2022 release, but now that backend info shows a Nov. 9th, 2022 release.

Again, nothing is official until SEGA says so, but it does seem odd that Steam would randomly change their listing from Sept. 1st to Nov. 9th. Hopefully SEGA clarifies the situation in the near future.

Thanks to Olivia for the heads up!

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2y ago

3rd December is a Saturday. Aren't release dates normally a Friday? That release date was changed very quickly, maybe SEGA contacted them over it to make the correction.