Nintendo has taken to Twitter in Japan to share a request with fans in the name of safety.

The Big N has requested that fans stop using the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector and the Network Adapter (Japan-only) due to security concerns. This is because both products use WEP, an insecure Wi-Fi protection algorithm by today’s standards. Along with that, the Network Adapter has a bug which allows it to be infected by malware.

This is most likely something the vast majority of Nintendo fans around the world won’t care about, as the platforms that use these devices have rode off into the sunset. That said, for those out there still using these items, it’s probably best to heed Nintendo’s warning.

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2y ago

Well at least it can still be used as a USB port dust plug.


2y ago

That reminds me of the days when it was hard to find wifi. Before getting a Nintendo DS-specific dongle for my PC, I had to go to McDonalds to try playing Mario Kart DS online.