Modus Games and Pixile Studios have announced that the Super Summer Event for Super Animal Royale is now live. Check out the full details of this event below.

Collect fruit baskets to unlock sweet summery gear, and tune into Pixile’s new stream!

Summer is in full swing! Grab your surfboards, refreshing drinks, and plenty of fruit baskets, because the island will be hosting its yearly Super Summer Royale event once again, bringing with it a wave of new cosmetics – as well as a pair of peachy-keen Super Animal breeds!

New Fruity Foes: Super Peach Pigeon and Super Coconut Capybara


To celebrate summer, two new breeds of Super Animal have been cultivated and freshly picked for some shoreside carnage. They can be unlocked like any other breed in the Research Lab once you’ve unlocked their base species and will not be limited to the Super Summer Royale Event!

  • Super Peach Pigeon (Super Pigeon breed available starting at level 10)
  • Super Coconut Capybara (Super Capybara breed available starting at level 50)

The Super Peach Pigeon is a new breed of Super Pigeon, complete with a cute little stem and a thirst for battle. One thing’s for sure, it doesn’t bruise easy.


Pulling up right behind it is the highly-requested Super Coconut Capybara, and it’s one tough nut to crack. Unlike the coconuts littering the beaches of the island, this coco critter can and will raise some major shell.

Summer 2022 Unlockables


Super Summer Royale this year works the same way as you’re used to from previous years: you can purchase event cosmetics in the in-game store using the event’s limited time currency, fruit baskets. These baskets can be gathered in a match both by picking them up (also netting a small heal) and also by simply completing matches. Be sure to slather on some Super sunblock, because it’s time to go basket hunting again!

Here’s what’s new for 2022 that you can look forward to redeeming your baskets for:

  • Summer 2022 Dress
  • Lemon Skirt
  • Panama Hat
  • Strawberry Glasses
  • Banana Leaf melee
  • Sunny Jag-7
  • Surfboard Gravestone
  • Watermelon Umbrella

You can also redeem fruit baskets for 17 legacy items from previous summers:

  • Beach Sunglasses
  • Blue Striped Umbrella
  • Blue Beach Hat
  • Starfish Visor
  • Message In a bottle
  • Sandcastle Gravestone
  • Beach Party Sarong
  • Beach Party Outfit
  • Blue Sport Sunglasses
  • White Bermuda Shorts
  • Blue Polo Shirt
  • Yellow Plastic Shovel
  • Vintage Round Sunglasses
  • Vintage Floral Swimsuit
  • Badminton Racket
  • Vintage Floral Dress
  • Orange Pastel Overalls

Additionally, some Super Summer Royale cosmetics from previous years have been added to Cackling Carl’s Cart, and will begin to rotate in starting on the 20th:

  • Fish Swim Shorts
  • Straw Umbrella
  • Life Buoy
  • Fruit Skewer
  • Yellow Lei Hula Skirt
  • Popsicle
  • Duck Floatie
  • Fruit Hat

New Weekly Stream: Pixile Plays!


We’re excited to announce a new weekly stream series, kicking off this Thursday at 11am PDT, with Jake, Logan and Michael on the Pixile Studios Twitch Channel!

Pixile Plays is aiming to be a more casual stream where we can hang out and chat with all of you! So be sure to bring your questions about Super Animal Royale and the team behind it.

We’ll be playing Super Animal Royale regularly, including the summer event this week, but we also plan to play non-Pixile games from time to time, providing our perspectives as gamers and game designers. The show will also serve as a place to introduce you to more of the team and what they do on the game, with our rotating 4th chair (which might also welcome non-Pixile guests in the future).

Join us for our debut stream this Thursday, July 21st, live at 11am PDT! Our first guest will be Ruben Grijalva, who you’ll know as the voice of Donk, Howl and many other SAR Tonight characters (as well as writing and producing the show). He’s also the official keeper of lore, writing for the game itself in addition to the show.

That’s all for now, Super Animals, we’ll see you on the island and race you to those fruit baskets!

Super Animal Royale is available right now on the Nintendo Switch as a free-to-play game.

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