Microids is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Syberia series a with an exclusive video commemorating the cult saga created by Benoît Sokal. You can check out that video above, as well as a statement from Elliot Grassiano, founder and COO of Microids below.

“In the mid 90’s, the encounter between Benoît Sokal and Microids gave birth to Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy. Celebrated by players and critics alike for its audacity, scenario and advanced game mechanics, this game allowed Benoît to keep developing his fictional universes in a new medium. For 20 years, it’s been a great honor to be able to offer players around the world a unique journey in the world created by Benoît, throughout the numerous iteration of the Syberia series. Today, all our thoughts are for this incredibly talented artist who passed in 2021, as well as his wife Martine and his kids Hugo and Jules, without whom none of these projects would have been possible. We feel it was important for us to offer Syberia’s fans this video highlighting the important moments of this cult video game saga.”

[Elliot Grassiano, founder and COO of Microids]

Along with that, Microids has also opened a new blog called Backstage. This blog will give fans a look behind-the-scenes at both upcoming projects and past releases. To kick things off, the Backstage blog is offering a detailed breakdown of Siberia’s 20-year history. You can hop over to the special blog and have a read here.

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