The NES library is filled with countless gems, plenty of which have been covered in the NES Works series so far. Today brings us yet another look at what the NES had to offer, and we get to see one title that still provides some fun, and another best forgotten to time.

NES Works 95 chronicles both 1943: The Battle of Midway and Bump’N Jump, two games I certainly remember from my childhood. I remember not enjoying 1943 one bit, and I tried to squeeze some fun out of it multiple times. With Bump’N Jump, I certainly have much fonder memories. Not my favorite NES game by any means, but one that certainly put a smile on my face on more than a few occasions.

The strange thing is that I knew a bunch of people who had both games in their NES collections. What was it about these two titles that made them so prolific back in the day?!

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