The Pokémon Primers series is a run of books aimed at young readers. The line seems to have been a hit so far, as Pokémon Co. has announced that two more Pokémon Primers books are available now.

In Pokémon Primers: Habitats, children will discover Pokémon in all kinds of natural habitats, including the forest, grasslands, a farm, and the beach; in Pokémon Primers: Opposites, they will learn the concept of opposites through many different opposing pairs like tall and short, open and closed, cold and hot, and night and day.

Pokémon Primers are written by beloved children’s author Simcha Whitehill. Each offers a captivating storyline and over 100 flaps to lift and open, revealing favorite Pokémon, Poké Balls, berries, and more. For details on where to purchase these books, check out a list of participating retailers here.

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