Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was originally supposed to launch in September, and then Nintendo and Monolith Soft surprised us by bumping the release date up to July 29th, 2022. It seems that date still isn’t early enough, as some retailers have already started selling the game.

Just like with all Nintendo titles, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has a street date of July 29th, 2022. That means retailers aren’t supposed to sell the game early, yet there are multiple reports coming in of people having no trouble picking up the title at their local game retailer of choice. You can even find copies of the game up for sale right now on eBay!

There’s no doubt Nintendo is going to be unhappy about this, and probably moreso than usual. With an extremely story-heavy title like Xenoblade Chronicles 3, spoilers getting out into the wild before launch can make a huge difference.

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2y ago

It's a Feyn Time Baby for those who manage to get their hands on the game early.


2y ago

Hmm, I hope that there is enough respect for the story (like people created the term seven for xc1) to not spoil the story in this one, will be hard to not get spoiled on lets say twitter as example.