Nintendo and Next Level Games riled up Nintendo fans around the world when Mario Strikers: Battle League released without Daisy being part of the roster. Turns out they were trolling us all along, as Daisy is front-and-center for the game’s first free content update.

Nintendo announced Daisy’s return earlier this week, but now they’re already back with something else new. In particular, we get to see Daisy’s full Hyper Strike in the video above. For those wondering, Daisy calls her Hyper Strike the Flower Spiral. It should be pretty evident why once you see the Hyper Strike play out.

Best of all, Daisy’s Hyper Strike is no doubt a callback to her previous Strikers appearances, as she throws her hips/butt into the move. Daisy is pretty well known for taunting the other team with her derriere, and she’s once again up to her old tricks in Mario Strikers: Battle League!

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2y ago

I seen some people on Twitter saying her finish isn't flashy enough. It is, and I challenge these people to do a Rabona finish. Do they not understand the physics required?

the physics required? Buh?

It looks fine to me.


2y ago

Damn, using that asss. X3