Redditor 1YardLoss was commissioned to build a custom Legend of Zelda-theme desktop PC, and he did not disappoint. You can check out a few pictures of the amazing build at the top of this post.

While the inside of the computer is crammed with iconic Zelda elements like the Master Sword and Navi, the outside of the case is just as impressive. Yes, that’s a Deku Tree exterior keeping the case safe and sound, and looking absolutely incredible at the same time.

There’s a ton of Zelda-related imagery and Easter eggs snuck into this build, so much so that you’d think there’s not enough room for an actual PC in there! Rest assured, 1YardLoss has confirmed this is indeed a functioning computer, complete with a water-cooled setup.

Now, the only question is how do you get any work done on this thing?! There’s no doubt it’s incredibly easy to sit down and get lost in all the Zelda goodness!

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2y ago

That's awesome and a real labour of love.


2y ago

Ugh, not a fan.
Way too much random 3D printed stuff thrown in there. Lacks a clear design line.
The wooden Deku Tree case is awesome tho.