There are plenty of farming/life sims out on the market, but most of them use pixelated graphics or an old-school visual approach to get the job done. That’s not the direction the team behind SunnySide wanted to take, and that’s evident in any screen or trailer shared so far.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, devs Sydney Stockdale and Siavash Shahlaei spoke about their decision to use a more realistic approach with the game’s visuals.

Siavash: Growing up with farming games, I am personally very familiar with the chibi style and its relationship with the genre! However, I think the farming genre is a bit tired at this point, not much innovation has been happening past Stardew Valley. Our core focus at RainyGames is how we can take the genre to its next natural evolution and moving from a chibi-style to a more anime, Persona 5-inspired style was the first step.

Sydney: Also because the chibi style just doesn’t speak to us. We’re all huge fans of anime, not only the different art styles within it, but also the story telling, and there are stories we wanted to tell that just wouldn’t come across right if we used the chibi or pixel styles. But there is a little more to it than that. A huge part of our motivation with SunnySide is to inspire people to consider growing their own food and supporting their local communities. Using more realism in all aspects of the game, it makes that leap from game to real life a lot easier.

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