Sonic fans are living it up in the last few years. New games, new comics, and of course, two hit movies! We know there’s a third movie in the works and a spin-off streaming series for Paramount+, but that’s not all for fans of the Blue Blur. There’s also Sonic Prime, an animated series heading to Netflix later this year.

In an interview with Game Informer, animation team WildBrain Studios talked about their goals for Sonic Prime, and they certainly seem like the right team to bring Sonic to life in a new way.

“Whether it was the new feature films, the earlier cartoons, or the classic or modern games, the crew’s affinity for Sonic spanned the entire spectrum of the property. What was amazing was how this passion drove the crew’s conversations about how to portray certain aspects and how that influenced the show itself. Things like how to animate attack moves by Sonic or special abilities from other characters, like Knuckles’ ability to glide and spin dash – all these amazing ideas that fans will see in the series came from impassioned crew conversations.”

[WildBrain senior vice president of creative, Logan McPherson]

Netflix is equally excited and passionate about Sonic Prime, and they want to make sure the series does right by fans.

“[Sonic’s] fantastic, and we want to ensure that we showcase the Sonic that fans know and love to our audience. Our goal was to honor the core of the franchise while delivering an epic scope to his adventure – something that the creative team assembled by Sega and WildBrain have done brilliantly in both story and visuals.”

[Netflix animation executive Megan Casey]

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