The NES is nearly 40 years old, yet the system is still fondly remembered by millions around the world. To this very day, developers continue to build games for the NES, and Nintendo fans pay tribute to the console in countless ways. A perfect example of the NES’ enduring legacy comes from the incredible creation seen above.

Redditor Khjunky set out to create an NES controller coffee table, and it became quite the undertaking. The entire piece is made out of cherry wood, and putting the table together took 9 long months of very hard work. While a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into building this piece, the end result proves that all the effort was worth it!

Best of all, this NES controller coffee table is actually functional! Those buttons and directional pad aren’t just for show, as they can actually be used to play games with! Sure, it might not be the most ergonomic or practical way to play an NES game, but it’s definitely a whole new way to experience your favorites!


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