Two more DLC packs are on the way to Hidden Through Time, and both of them are set to launch before the month closes out. Fans can look forward to both the ‘Aztec Rituals’ and ‘Pirate Treasures’ DLC expansions, and they release July 22nd in North America and July 26th in Europe.

In Hidden Through Time – Aztec Rituals you will embark on a journey for the ages, together with your trusty companion, Clicky. Plow through the swamps, climb the highest mountain peaks and behold the greatness of Tenochtitlan. Be mindful throughout this adventure and you’ll unveil all the secrets that lay hidden within the most powerful Mesoamerican kingdom of all time!

In Hidden Through Time – Pirate Treasures you’ll set sail for the adventure of a lifetime, accompanied by your heartie, Clicky! Weigh anchor, haul wind and traverse the briney deep looking for all that’s shiny and gold.

The Aztec Rituals and Pirate Treasures DLC packs are priced at $2 each.


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