Just last week, Nintendo and LEGO teased that they were bringing a massive LEGO Bowser to San Diego Comic-Con 2022. This LEGO creation would be on display to promote LEGO and Nintendo’s upcoming Bowser LEGO set, which is much smaller, but with a sizable price tag.

Now that the Comic-Con floors are open, we can finally get a really good look at this incredible super-sized LEGO Bowser, courtesy of Nintendo Wire. This beast is over 14 feet tall and was built using over 660k LEGO! Even better, this giant LEGO Bowser can move his head and roar as well!

If any videos or other photos pop up for this giant LEGO Bowser, we’ll make sure to add them to this post!

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2y ago

There's also a Lego Toad in the link.


Going back to Lego Bowser, the regular version has 2,807 pieces, so >660,000 is some giant leap in scale(get it). And there is a short clip from Lego of giant Bowser moving.