The award-winning Dicey Dungeons was updated with the Reunion expansion the other day, and it packs in a whopping amount of content. The DLC features 6 new episodes, new art and new music, which results in about 4-5 hours of extra gameplay! That’s some seriously impressive DLC, but the best part of all is that the Reunion expansion is free!

In an interview with The Xbox Hub, developer Terry Cavanagh was asked about why he decided to make the Reunion DLC a free download. You can find his answer below.

Ah, well, the game did very well, and we had always planned to do some new content for the mobile release. We kinda got carried away with Reunion’s development, and didn’t realise how big that new content would end up being, though. Maybe we should have charged for it? I don’t really know, haha.

[Terry Cavanagh]

This Reunion DLC came out of nowhere, which was a lovely surprise. Of course, now people are wondering if even more content could be released down the line. Here’s what Cavanagh had to say on that topic.

Ah, well, the team was always just a temporary arrangement, and we’ve already gone our separate ways. Reunion was a real Reunion, for us – we got the band back together for one last show. But, you know, people have long careers. Maybe one day?

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