It’s pretty easy to tell that Nintendo is getting people pumped up for Splatoon 3. The game releases on Sept. 9th, 2022, but Nintendo is hosting a bunch of Splatoon 2 tournaments leading up to the big date. Turns out they’re offering something else Splatoon-themed for fans, but this bit of fun is only for those in Japan.

Nintendo will host a ‘National Splatoon Quiz’ online this weekend, and it aims to see who the most hardcore Splatoon fans in Japan are. There will be four different opportunities to take the quiz, and there are thirty different quizzes in all. Each quiz will have questions pertaining to five categories: characters, weapons, fashion, music and story.

Each quiz will have a 12-minute time limit, so participants better be quick on the draw with their Splatoon knowledge! Scores aren’t just based on right answers either, as both speed and correct answers will be factored in to an overall quiz score.

It doesn’t seem people will win anything for coming out on top of the quiz challenge, but Nintendo will share the results via their website and social media, so that will make for some pretty serious bragging rights among Splatoon fans!

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