Wii Mini hack adds in Wi-Fi and more

The Wii's odd little brother beefs up

22 July 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

The Wii Mini was an odd little device from Nintendo. It was a cheaper version of the Wii that had a bunch of base Wii functionality removed. You couldn’t play GameCube games, the SD card slot was yanked, and it didn’t even offer Wi-Fi. Now, thanks to a new hardware hack, the Wii Mini has found its way onto the worldwide web.

In the video above, modder Macho Nacho Productions went through the trouble of cracking the Wii Mini open to add in Wi-Fi capabilities. On top of that, this mod also adds back in SD card functionality. This brings the Wii Mini as close as you can get to the original Wii without major modifications.

Making the Wii Mini Wi-Fi friendly and SD card compatible paves the way for Homebrew Channel usage, which no doubt brings back fond memories for many Wii fans. It’s not an undertaking for everyone, but it’s certainly an interesting one!

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2y ago

The Wii Mini was an awful little device. Any change can only be an improvement.