The world of Witcher 3 can be overwhelming in many different ways. The scope of the map is humungous, the amount of quests to take on is staggering, and the directions in which you can head are plentiful. There’s a ton to see and do, and according to one developer at CD Projekt Red, he went overboard in one area in particular.

According to CD Projekt Red’s Philipp Weber, he put in way too many point of interest markers in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. These markers, which appeared as question marks on the map, absolutely litter the screen anytime you take a look. Weber looks back on the decision as a mistake, and he would certainly handle things differently given a second chance.

“I can admit freely I’m one of those people that actually put those question marks in the world. It was already late 2014 so not that long before release [in May 2015] when we basically just filled the world with them.

There was not a lot of time so it was very much, ‘okay, we just have to do it and we can’t do it perfectly’. However I do have a defense,” he continued. “I did a lot of those terrible — I can say terrible because I did them — smugglers’ caches. But originally, we put them into the world, we put some seagulls over them so you would see them circling, but it wasn’t planned to actually have an icon on the map.

I completely would agree that was a mistake. I wouldn’t do that one again.”


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