We’ve read the details, saw the teaser, and checked out a few Comic-Con show floor pics, but now it’s time to get up close and personal with Nintendo’s massive LEGO Bowser.

The video above gives us our best look yet as this mammoth LEGO creation. Nintendo and LEGO teamed up on this incredible LEGO Bowser, which is 14 feet tall and uses over 660k LEGO. Believe it or not, this sucker is a whopping 4 tons! When you think about how light a single LEGO is, that stat is even more impressive!

Of course, the question everyone wants answered is just what’s going to happen to this LEGO Bowser when Comic-Con ends?! Will it end up at LEGO HQ or Nintendo’s offices…or do they dare take it apart?! Let’s hope that last option isn’t even being considered!

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