Ubisoft has been making the headlines lately for numerous delays and financial struggles. The company continues to push back major projects and misses the mark with some of their released games, and unfortunately, it seems like more bad news is ahead.

Industry insider Jeff Grubb claims that Ubisoft will soon be pulling the plug on Roller Champions, which launched for Switch roughly a month back. The game was available on other platforms a month prior to the Switch launch, so no matter how you look at it, the game is still in its early days.

In particular, it seems that Roller Champions will be taken offline after its third Season. Again, this is insider info and not officially announced by Ubisoft, so don’t take it as confirmed just yet. That said, it’s not surprising to hear this, as the game has struggled to find popularity since its launch, and numbers have only dwindled in the following days.

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2y ago

That's the risk you take putting out a free to play game. Didn't help that it came out the same day as Fall Guys either. I'd say rework it as a paid game for all content and see if that helps.


2y ago

I downloaded this one on Switch, as I was casually interested, and it's free, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

As soon as I was welcomed with the "Ubisoft account required" screen upon startup I deleted it.

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