I know there are a good amount of Sonic fans that read GoNintendo. I’m sure a few of you have a decent amount of Sonic merch, too. I have a few plushes and other goodies strewn about my house, and some of the stuff I proudly display. That said, I’m sure none of us come anywhere close to what Barry Evans has.

Guinness World Records recently visited the home of Barry to chronicle his Sonic memorabilia collection, and it’s absolutely staggering. Barry holds the record for the biggest Sonic merch collection, and he owns roughly 30,000 separate Sonic pieces. Barry has collected all of these items in a 1,650 square-foot room next to his house.

It took Barry 3 weeks just to sort through all of his merch and put it on display. When you watch the video above, you can totally understand how it took that much time!

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