Quite some time ago we posted a feature on modders who were aiming to add splitscreen multiplayer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This is something Nintendo never even considered when building Breath of the Wild, but could modders make it happen? It took quite a bit of time and work to pull off, but believe it or not, the mod has just seen release!

As you might suspect, this mod isn’t running on actual Switch hardware. Getting splitscreen to work in Breath of the Wild might be an impossibility, or you’d have to gut so much of Breath of the Wild that it wouldn’t even be worth it. Running on the game on PC is obviously different, so getting this mod working was at least in the realm of possibility.

All that said, it’s still interesting to see what Breath of the Wild is like with another buddy at your side. There’s no doubt having this feature in the game, albeit very strange for a mainline Zelda, would still be welcome by fans. Who knows, maybe Nintendo themselves will try to tackle this co-op Zelda idea in a future installment. The one thing we know for sure is that Nintendo is watching!

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2y ago

This game is going to get mods until the end of Time. And why not? It deserves them.