TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection was all over San Diego Comic-Con, which gave us a chance to see tons of footage and learn a bunch of details. Turns out there’s way more goodies included in this collection than just the games themselves!

Through a variety of video interviews and features, a ton of new information has been gleaned. You can check out a round-up of TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection features below.

  • interactive strategy guides for every game
  • remove Sprite Flicker and Slowdown on NES
  • level select
  • CPU play-through (can take over at any time)
  • Museum which includes design docs, manuals, brochures, music, etc. includes pop up translations
  • the museum above is a recreation of the 80s cartoon turtle lair
  • stylized game menu which uses original comic art
  • Boss select on Tournament Fighters
  • you can map dash to a separate button on beat’em-ups
  • “nightmare mode” (tons of enemies) for arcade games
  • various screen borders
  • multiple filter options

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2y ago

I wish more classic re-releases would optionally remove the slowdown and sprite flicker. I respect people who want to play the games as they were but I don't believe that's how the games were meant to be played. It was the result of hardware limitations. I'd love to experience the Legend of Zelda without the slowdown in those crowded dungeon rooms. Or fight Mother Brain the way it was intended. I'm sure there are ways to sail the seven seas to accomplish it but I'd much rather experience it legitimately.