In honor of International Friendship Day (I didn’t know that was a thing either!), Pokémon Co. has put a new item up for grabs on the official Pokémon Center website.

Seen above, Pokémon fans can now purchase a Friend Ball for $100. First introduced in the Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver, the Friend Ball’s top half is green with red highlights and a yellow dot at the top; it’s one of many Poké Balls made by Kurt using Apricorns. Pokémon caught in this Ball become friendlier toward their Trainers. Now this useful item can be yours with this premium-quality replica from The Wand Company.

Featuring touch- and proximity-sensing technology, the front button illuminates in response to nearby motion and becomes brighter when the Poké Ball is touched. For an extra touch of interactivity, pressing the button initiates a Pokémon-catching light sequence. This die-cast metal replica comes with an illuminated display case featuring the Pokémon logo, along with a display ring that lets you show off the Poké Ball on its own.

If you want to add one of these to your Poké Ball collection, you can purchase yours through this link.

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