Those who own 60 Parsecs! will be happy to know that the game has gotten a free content update today! You can hop into the game right now and download the Space Adventures expansion at no additional cost to the base game.

Space Adventures is a new and even more twisted adventure of exploring strange, far-away galaxies. The brave Astrocitizens will come face to face with monstrous horrors from unknown dimensions, run the greatest heist the universe has seen, have the privilege of meeting the Astrocats, and even get a chance to raise an AI of their own.

Space Adventures introduces a number of new elements, all of which you can read below.

Liberté, Égalité, Félinité - Let out of the bag by the French government, the glorious Astrocats explore the cosmos stirring trouble in search of the one comfortable place to land and lie down for a nap. Do you have what it takes to assist? Merci in advance.

Who let the muttniks out? - A rogue pack of space dogs is on the prowl. Think you can fly with them and keep up? Think again, comrade silly human-person. This here is a real job. The greatest heist this galaxy has ever seen! Want in? Prove yourself first. Ready? Go… FETCH!

SF is for space family - It takes a capable captain and their trusty AI to birth a new sentience. Can the two of you survive the perils of the cosmos and accidental parenthood, while raising a UFO from its infancy? You might want it to become a respectable spaceship, but what if it chooses to be a galactic menace? WHAT IF?! YOU’RE NOT MY FATHER, CAPTAIN DAD!

The Horrors of Space - Have you ever experienced true horror? No, that time when your soup fought back does not count. Not by a long shot. Beware of the void, dear Captain. The void where dark creatures lurk and no one can hear you scream. The horror, the horror!

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