Just last week, we shared full details on the launch of Dead by Daylight’s Tome 12: DISCORDANCE. Today, Behaviour Interactive gives us a new Archives trailer to show off what the latest update has to offer.

Dead by Daylight’s DISCORDANCE Rift has opened, packed with exclusive time-limited cosmetics and charms drawn from the memories and lives of The Blight, Jonah Vasquez, Claudette Morel, and The Nurse.

In the DISCORDANCE Rift, earn over 60 cosmetic items worth 20,000 Auric Cells through the Free and Premium Tracks to be yours forever, even after the Rift closes. Unlock the Rift Pass in-game and gain instant access to 3 exclusive items for 1,000 Auric Cells. Earn it all back by playing the game.

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