Xenoblade Chronicles 3 leaks online

We're not really feeling it...

25 July 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 3

Just last week, we mentioned that a number of retailers decided to break the street date for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. That meant lucky fans could pick the game up early (and legitimately) to enjoy a couple of weeks before launch. Now, unfortunately, some who managed to pick up the game early have decided to turn to the dark side.

We’re sad to report that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has been leaked online, and a ROM of the full game is floating around. This has caused another deluge of spoilers to pop up online, and these are much more aggressive than the first round. If you’re not careful, you could be hit with spoilers for pretty much the entire game, so please be careful where you go online.

If you want to avoid any accidental spoilers while on social media, do yourself a favor and mute the word ‘Xenoblade’ on any social service that allows you to mute phrases. Just remember to unmute after the game officially launches.

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2y ago

Muting words doesn't work perfectly unfortunately, I would suggest adding another layer by turning off "media previews" on Twitter to avoid seeing images unless you click on them, since some people can post images without words.

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2y ago

This happens way too much, But what the fuck can Nintendo do about this shit? Only send digital copies to reviewers? "Punish" retailers for letting this get out? How would they even know from where the leak came?

Nothing, people will leak the bigger the movie/tvseries/game is.