Developer Qureate has released quite a lineup of risqué games on the Switch. Most of their titles involve scantily-clad women, sexually suggestive situations, and moments many would consider to be downright uncomfortable. Qureate seemed to keep pushing the envelope with subsequent releases, and now they’ve finally arrived at a game that’s taken things too far.

Plenty of people were shocked when Qureate announced Massage Freaks, “a rhythm game that rings throughout the body.” In actuality, Massage Freaks seemed to focus on lewd conduct, unwelcome physical interactions, and characters who were a bit to close to a real-life Japanese idol group, complete with the same names of members in the group. All of this led to a massive backlash online, and it’s clear Qureate got the message.

Qureate took to Twitter to announce that the game has been postponed, and no new release date has been given. It’s not even clear if the game will release at all at this point, as the game’s official website has been yanked as well. You can see a Google-translated message from Qureate on the matter below.

The Nintendo Switch version of “Massage Freaks,” which was scheduled to be released on August 4, 2022, has been postponed after discussions with related parties. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers.

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2y ago

People complaining about a game they weren't going to buy anyway >:|