GameXplain recently sat down with the devs at Gameloft to discuss their latest game Disney Speedstorm, a new arcade-style racer featuring beloved Disney Characters and worlds. You can watch their video above to hear everything the devs had to say, but here are some highlights.

One thing that makes these characters iconic is their voices and Gameloft has made it clear that bringing back as many of the voice actors as possible is a goal for them. Just in this one interview we have confirmed…

Bret Iwan as Mickey Mouse

Tony Anselmo as Donald Duck

Tate Donovan as Hercules

Ming-Na Wen as Mulan

Robby Benson as Beast

[Gameloft via GameXplain]

GameXplain also asked on non-traditional Disney Characters making the cut as racers, specifically characters from Marvel, Star Wars, or The Simpsons. Gameloft stated that the game is focused on the worlds of Disney and Pixar films so it doesn’t seem like Yoda will be drafting on Thanos anytime soon.

Another thing touched on in the interview was the games free to play model and the concerns over the monetization system. Gameloft said that all players will have access to all content at launch but players can purchase currency to progress faster. They want to make the game fair for all players, whether they choose to purchase or not. Free playing players will be able to unlock a lot of the content and upgrade their racers by just playing the game.

If you want to hear everything Gameloft said in their interview with GameXplain then we highly suggest watching the video posted above.

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