Rogue Company has received an update to Version 2.6 today, which is dubbed the Revelation update. In this update, a key member of Rogue Company gets caught in Jackal’s crosshairs during the Fallen Heroes Narrative Event. Additionally, this update brings a core tweak to the gameplay experience, along with the return of some older modes (with updates!).

You can get full details on the Revelation update in the press release below.


The conflict between Rogue Company and Jackal rages on as both organizations trade blows in sorties all around the globe. Jackal aims to strike at the heart of Rogue Company by coordinating an assassination against a long-time pillar of Rogue Company, Trench. This event brings about objectives keyed towards taking out certain rogue types in exchange for revealing the ongoing lore and some great cosmetics, one of which being a new outfit for Trench! Speaking of Trench…


As the world of Rogue Company changes, so has one of our oldest Rogues. Forever changed by the ongoing fight against Jackal, Trench walks back into the field with a scowl instead of his smile. What happened? Find out in the narrative event!

All players will have access to this new default look and voice for Trench, but don’t worry: all players will still have access to his old appearance as the “Classic Trench” skin.


In this update, we see old game modes return, some of which have received updates! Details and changes are listed below.

  • Sabotage
  • Skirmish Dodgeball
  • Battle Zone
  • Strikeout 2.0
  • Extraction
  • Skirmish TDM
  • Sabotage
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