For awhile now, there’s been rumors of the N64 game Goldeneye getting a remake or re-release on modern platforms. Nothing 100% concrete has come in, but it does seem like there’s something to the rumors. Today, we once again have some fuel for the fire.

The software trademark for Goldeneye has been given a second extension this week, once again causing speculation of something happening with the N64 classic. Again, as with any trademark situation, this could be nothing more than a means of protection. That said, with so many insiders claiming a remake/re-release is coming, this trademark renewal does seem to jive with those rumors.

All we can do for now is keep our eyes peeled, and try to hunt down any other clues of the timeless shooter making its way back to modern platforms.

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2y ago

These trademark things don’t usually mean much, but I’d be happy to have GoldenEye on the service

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2y ago

I'm putting money down that it will be on the N64 online service by the end of summer.