We’ve shared plenty of videos today that show off gameplay and reviews for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, but what about the technical side of things? The Xenoblade franchise has always offered grand vistas and gorgeous visuals while pushing Nintendo’s platforms to their limits. Does Xenoblade Chronicles 3 continue that tradition, or does it take things too far?

There’s no better team to dig into the tech side of things than Digital Foundry, and they’ve shared a massive video breaking down the visuals, framerate, and under-the-hood details of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. If you’re wondering how this behemoth performs on Switch, you’ll definitely want to give this video a watch.

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2y ago

Thanks for the link. These always make for interesting viewing. I'll watch it in the next day or so. I feel that Monolith Soft's ambition is restricted by Nintendo's weak hardware.