Monolith Soft has really come into their own over the last 15 years. When the company worked on the original Xenoblade Chronicles, the game wasn’t even planned to launch in North America. After a groundswell of support from fans (Operation Rainfall forever!), Xenoblade Chronicles did get a release in the states. From that moment on, the Xenoblade series has continued to grow and thrive, getting bigger in terms of scope, scale and praise with each new installment.

Now we’ve arrived at Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and it marks a major moment for Monolith Soft. In an interview with Nintendo, Monolith Soft director Tetsuya Takahashi spoke about how Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a summary of everything the company has learned in the last 15 years, as well as their first step into the future.

I used the word “culmination” earlier, but this title brings together all the themes that have been developed over the past 15 years since 2007, when development of the first title in the Xenoblade Chronicles series began, as well as the gameplay systems that have been developed throughout the series. …I guess you can say that this is like a summary for moving on to the next step in the future.

[Tetsuya Takahashi]

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2y ago

Delighted for Monolith Soft that the game has reviewed so well. Let's hope sales back them up. They're a fantastic, talented developer.