Back in July of 2021, the Mega Man franchise had reached 37 million units sold worldwide. Fast-forward a year later, and Mega Man continues to see success.

In just a year’s time, the Mega Man franchise has grown another million strong, selling 38 million units worldwide. That’s pretty impressive when you consider the last mainline Mega Man game that released was Mega Man 11 back in 2018.

With some more Mega Man compilations in the works and hopefully a new installment, we’re thinking Mega Man will reach that 40 million mark in a year’s time.

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2y ago

Meanwhile at Capcom:

Capcom: Greenlight another 10 Resident Evils, 1 Devil May Cry and 3 Monster Hunters with spinoffs and DLC.


2y ago


At least you have the megaman robot dog in monster hunter!