As we shared yesterday, the Nintendo Switch Sports ‘Summer Update’ is out now, and it adds in some fresh features to the experience. If you missed out on the original announcement, the new promo video above will give you a look at the bigger elements added in this update.

That said, there are actually some other additions and changes that Nintendo hasn’t mentioned in the trailer or official patch notes. People had to dig through the update themselves to discover these tidbits. Last night we mentioned how to play against the Mii CPU characters in offline modes, but there’s a whole different slew of features to share along with that.

  • to enable the leg strap globally, go to the sports selection screen, highlight Soccer, and press the X button
  • to enable the leg strap locally, go all the way to the screen showing how to hold the Joy-Con, and then press the plus button
  • new camera mode added to soccer that allows you to use a free camera
  • Volleyball has a slide attack and a rocket serve
  • create a room and room ID to invite others
  • new difficulty level in bowling for group play, which measures the average skill of players in the room
  • if an opponents’ internet connection becomes unstable, the game will let you know
  • physics of bowling pins has been changed, with pins slightly tougher to knock down when bowling straight, and pins slightly easier to knock down when bowling with a curve

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