Do you have a Pokemon card collection? Got any particularly rare cards, or ones that you’re really proud of? Wouldn’t it be horrible to have those stollen from you? Now take that feeling you’re experiencing and multiple it by thousands, as that’s what 62-year-old South Carolina resident Christopher Polydorou is going through.

Polydorou has been the victim of home invasion and theft, and the criminal made it away with a collection of Pokémon cards valued at somewhere around $500k. Polydorou took his card collecting very seriously, as hey kept his entire collection in a temperature-controlled room. All together, 3 different boxes of cards were snagged in the robbery. Even worse, some of the collection was still sealed in-box.

There are absolutely no leads on the suspect yet, so Polydorou is without explanation as to how any of this happened. Hopefully this story has a happy ending, but we’ll bring you any updates that come in.


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2y ago

Ugh. I have a modest collection of retro video game carts, and I can only imagine how gutted I would be if it disappeared one day. But this?! Yikes, how awful. Hopefully if he had a temperature controlled room for storing these things, he also took out an insurance policy on the collection.