Dungeon Munchies has been available on Switch since December of 2021, but the dev team has been cranking away on more content ever since then. Today, the team has released the final bit of content for the game, and you can hop on the Switch version to grab it right now.

Dungeon Munchies’ final chapter debuts three new powerful bosses, seven unique meals, new legendary weapons, and even unveils the truth behind the protagonist’s resurrection. Encounter new absurd anime-inspired characters and dance to a funky, energetic soundtrack, but make sure you’ve got snacks by your side for this wild ride.

New to Dungeon Munchies? Now’s the perfect time to rise as a freshly-resurrected zombie in a massive underground complex and heed the call of a rumbling tummy. With help from a ghostly self-proclaimed culinary “expert” known as Necro-Chef Simmer, delve further into the dungeon’s depths to collect ingredients to curb the ever-present hunger.

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